STAR Awards – Gregory Wells

Published January 2017

Gregory Wells - Star Award winner

Gregory Wells (right), AGSC/ADB construction superintendent, receives STAR Level 1 Award from David Frenzel, director of construction (AGSC / ADB).

Gregory Wells recently received a STAR Level 1 Award for at least two reasons. Greg has been responsible for the effective implementation of multiple and varied projects and their Safety & Health Plans at AGSC/ADB for several years. Under Greg’s safety leadership, his projects have had zero OSHA recordable incidents over thousands of work hours logged; zero regulatory citations or violations, despite multiple high-visibility projects; and helped AGSC and Ahtna, Inc. achieve an experience modification rate far below the industry average.

Also in September, Greg was helpful in assisting an injured motorist. On his way home from a field project, Greg was instrumental in providing first-responder assistance to a seriously injured motorist. Arriving first on the scene, equipped with Ahtna’s first aid materials, Greg was joined by two retired EMTs. By providing first aid, contacting emergency responders and performing site control, Greg and the retired EMTs mitigated the extent of the victim’s injury and possibly saved his life.