STAR Awards

Published January 2019

Recent STAR Level 2 Award recipients:

Lt. Francisco Gracia

ASTS/Port Isabel Detention Center (PIDC) Detention Lt. Francisco Gracia received a Level 1 STAR Award for his selfless act of service to the community. On September 7, Gracia was en route for duty when he came upon a serious two-vehicle accident in rural Cameron County, Texas. One accident victim was walking in the middle of the road. Gracia stopped and helped the victim off the roadway, thus preventing further injury from passing vehicles. Gracia located a second accident victim and provided aid until emergency medical services arrived. Gracia provided local law enforcement with a complete and detailed witness account.


Alejandro Quintero

ASTS Detention Officer Alejandro Quintero was awarded a Level I STAR Award for vigilance. On September 20, a PIDC detainee exiting a cell inside the facility’s medical ward swung a closed fist at a U.S. Public Health Services registered nurse, striking him with a glancing blow. The strike was minimal due to Quintero’s immediate response. Quintero rapidly took the detainee to the floor, pinning him until the detainee could be properly restrained. Quintero’s vigilance and quick reaction to a rapidly escalating situation prevented serious or possible further injury to a civilian medical-staff employee. The detainee was not injured and is being prosecuted for assault on a public servant.


National Training Center at Fort Irwin, CA

Eighteen ASTS employees were recognized for their contributions to site safety and work surge during Army training operations. Fort Irwin hosts the National Training Center, where several thousand soldiers, Marines, sailors and other Department of Defense (DoD) personnel annually receive highly realistic and fast-paced training to better prepare them for DoD missions. ASTS employees work to fuse digital training systems to ongoing operations to provide accurate and timely information to the trainees.