Shareholder Development’s primary goal is to maximize shareholder potential by educating, developing, and engaging shareholders as they pursue meaningful career and life goals. The following showcases some of the success stories resulting from Ahtna’s development and scholarship programs.


Scholarship Recipients

The Ahtna Heritage Foundation Walter Charley Memorial Scholarship program is funded by Ahtna, Incorporated.

Stephanie Carroll Rainie

“The Walter Charley Memorial Scholarship provided me with the financial means to continue my writing and distribution of ideas in order to obtain a doctoral degree. Tsin’aen.”

You can now call her “doctor,” thanks to the Ahtna Heritage Foundation. Stephanie Carroll Rainie received the Walter Charley Memorial Scholarship over the past six years as she pursued a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) at the University of Arizona’s Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health (MEZCoPH). She graduated in December.

She now divides her time between the Native Nations Institute and MEZCoPH. She is an assistant research professor and associate director and manager at the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy as well as an assistant professor at MEZCoPH.

Lisa McConkey 2015 Walter Charley Scholarship

Lisa M. McConkey

“For so long, I wanted to know my purpose. Leaving home has been hard and a huge struggle, but extremely worth it. I realized we don’t have a proper, reliable daycare in the Copper Valley community, so I would like to finish my degree and return home to open one.”

Lisa M. McConkey, a sophomore pursuing an associate’s degree in child education at Gateway Community and Technical College in Elsmere, Kentucky, is the 2015 recipient of the $5,000 Ahtna Competitive Scholarship.

Lisa grew up in Kluti-Kaah (Copper Center) and graduated from Glennallen High School. Her parents are Irving Jackson and Kimberly McConkey, and her maternal grandparents are Marie and Albert Craig Sr.

After the birth of her own daughter, Lisa said she realized that she needed to focus on growing her life and helping others in her home village.

Rhonda Oliver

Rhonda Oliver

“The Ahtna Heritage Foundation scholarship played a huge role in getting me through school.”

Rhonda earned a Bachelor in Business Administration degree with an emphasis in accounting.

Following graduation, Ahtna’s Margie Ewan connected Rhonda with the national public accounting firm Deloitte, where she worked her way up from an intern to a professional auditor in 6.5 years. She earned her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license and had the opportunity to travel the state extensively. “I was so lucky to be able to experience Alaska off the beaten path,” says Rhonda.
After her time at Deloitte, Oliver became Director of Accounting at CIRI. She served in that role for 10 years before being offered the position of CIRI’s Corporate Controller.