In 2013, the Ahtna Hwt-anene (People’s) Settlement Trust was established to provide a means for Ahtna to pay stable, non-taxable dividends to shareholders in perpetuity. Ahtna made its first contribution to the Trust in 2015 by transferring $3.4 million from Ahtna’s investment portfolio. The Board of Directors Earnings and and Distribution Policy sets guidelines for distributing earnings with ten percent in contributions each year going to the Trust.

Since 2014, Ahtna dividends have been taxable. The Trust is currently valued at $4.89 million and once it reaches $10 million in assets, all future dividends will be distributed out of the Trust and will be non-taxable to shareholders.

Settlement Trust Financial Statements

The 2017 Ahtna Hwt-anene (People’s) Trust Financial Statements can be viewed here: AHTNA HWT’ANENE (PEOPLE’S) TRUST- 2017