Ahtna has received returned mail for the following shareholder-owners. It is important that your mailing address and other contact information is kept current so that you receive dividend distributions as well as other mail from Ahtna such as company announcements, newsletters and annual meeting materials.

If you are on the list below, please contact the shareholder records department at (907) 822-3476 or shservices@ahtna.net to provide updated contact information (list updated 06/15/2018).  

Christopher P. Bayless
Glenn D Beauchman
Timothy Bell
David E. Brotherson
Edward T Carew
Deanna P. Chilligan
Rodney C. Combs
Raymond O. Craig
Vera M A Douglas
Angel R. Dwyer
Dolly M. Eskilida
Anita C. Eskilida
Roy Eskilida, Jr.
Kayla R Gabby
Vincent M. Gene
Nathaniel Gene
Robin L Goodlataw
Charlotte Harbour
Emilio K. Harp
Alycea K. Harp
Hetuputupu Harp
Kapua N. Harp
Na’Ulu K. Harp
Florence K. Hicks
Bryson Joe
Christopher E. Johnson
Latosha M. Johnson
Daniel Lee Kanipe
Tamra M. Kindgren
Karsten Kroener
Wenona J. Kuhrman
Leroy Langley III
Autumn LeBlanc
Alex R. Long
Julie M. Mahle
Gerald Mahle, Sr,
Austin P. Mahle-Matthews
Dakota K. Mahle-Matthews
Lauren McRobie
Anthoney J. Murphy
Max M. Nesslage
Patricia A. Nicholas
Goodman Patrick
Lucas D. Paul
Randy J. Pedro
Shanna L Pete
Henry A. III Racelis
Elizabeth V. Sabon
Aiyana N. Shields
Shyla N. Smith
Martha L Sonnier
Robert A. Stansell
May W. Stickwan
Janay C. Talley
Parker A. Vacura
Nicolas A. Varas-Bayless
Lisa M. Wolf