2018 45th Annual Meeting of Shareholders Scheduled for Saturday, June 2 at Glennallen High School

Five (5) directors will be elected at the annual meeting. The Directors whose terms will expire are as follows:

Genevieve John          Seat A: At-Large
Roy J. Tansy, Sr.         Seat A: At-Large
Lucille A. Lincoln         Seat G2: Kluti-Kaah
Franklin R. John          Seat H: Mentasta
Angela M. Vermillion   Seat I: Gulkana

Annual Meeting Packets

Something new we will be doing this year is only sending one Annual Meeting packet per shareholder household. Shareholders eligible to vote will receive individual proxy information but each shareholder household will only receive one packet with the Annual Report, Proxy Statement, Annual Meeting Agenda and Door Prize list. These packets will be mailed to shareholder households on April 20.  These changes will bring substantial costs savings to the company in printing and postage as well as help to reduce our environmental impact.

Proxy Voting

In order to give shareholders the opportunity to receive as much information as possible before marking their vote, the Board has decided to hold proxies until April 27. Proxy Voting Forms and Online Voting PIN Letters will be sent to individual shareholders on April 27 and online voting will open at www.ahtnavote.com.

For more information or if you have questions on any of the above, please contact Eileen Ewan, Shareholder Services Manager at (907) 822-3476 or shservices@ahtna.net.

Candidate Profile Videos

Ahtna gave candidates running for the 2018 Ahtna, Inc. Board of Directors a chance to record a message to share with voters. We hope these videos will help you to learn more about each of the candidates running and aid you in making an informed vote.

Candidates not shown below elected not to participate (filming was not mandatory). These videos should be viewed in conjunction with the Ahtna Proxy Statement dated April 20, 2018.

All candidates were asked the same six questions (videos may have been edited for brevity):

  1. Tell us who you are, where you’re from and your clan.

  2. What are your top 3 goals for Ahtna?

  3. Why did you choose to run for the Ahtna Board?

  4. What do you see as the single biggest challenge, or most important issue, facing Ahtna today?

  5. What does it mean to you to be an Ahtna shareholder?

  6. Describe your experience with reading and understanding audits, budgets, financial statements and related reports.

Jessica Rock, Seat A, At-Large


Jessica Rock from Ahtna, Inc. on Vimeo.



Dr. Genevieve John (Incumbent), Seat A, At-Large


Genevieve John from Ahtna, Inc. on Vimeo.



Margie Ewan, Seat A, At-Large


Margie Ewan from Ahtna, Inc. on Vimeo.



Roy Tansy Sr. (Incumbent)Seat A, At-Large


Roy Tansy Sr. from Ahtna, Inc. on Vimeo.



Katherine McConkey, Seat G2, Kluti-Kaah


Katherine McConkey from Ahtna, Inc. on Vimeo.


Lucille Lincoln (Incumbent)Seat G2, Kluti-Kaah


Lucille Lincoln from Ahtna, Inc. on Vimeo.



Franklin John (Incumbent), Seat H, Mentasta


Franklin John from Ahtna, Inc. on Vimeo.



Meranda Moran, Seat H, Mentasta


Meranda Moran from Ahtna, Inc. on Vimeo.



Angela Vermillion (Incumbent), Seat I, Gulkana


Angela Vermillion from Ahtna, Inc. on Vimeo.



John Dye, Seat I, Gulkana


John Dye from Ahtna, Inc. on Vimeo.


The Ahtna, Inc. 44th Annual Meeting of Shareholders was held on:

2017 Ahtna Annual Shareholders Meeting
Saturday, July 8, 2017 , at the Native Village of Kluti-Kaah Memorial Hall at 9 a.m.

2017 Board of Directors Selections (Winners):

  • Class A, At-Large: Nicholas Jackson (incumbent)
  • Class C, Cantwell: Eleanor Dementi (incumbent)
  • Class G, Kluti-Kaah: Kenneth P. Johns
  • Class J, Tazlina: Albert L. Fleury

*All newly elected directors will serve 3-year terms, which end at the 2020 Annual Meeting.
A big thank you to former board of directors: Jessica A. Rock (Seat G1, Kluti-Kaah ) for her dedication and service, and to Dorothy Shinn (Seat J, Tazlina) for her dedication and service.

2017 Recognition Awardees:

  • Board Member of the Year: Karen L. Linnell
  • Special Recognition – 40 Year Alyeska Partnership
    • Mr. Tom Barrett, President, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
    • Mr. Ed Hendrickson, Senior Vice President & CFO, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
    • Ms. Lorena Hegdal, Right of Way Director, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
    • Mr. Dan Flodin, Supply Chain Management Director, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

2017 Early Bird Winners:

  • $1,000 – Michael J. Voyles
  • $750 – Timothy L. Stevens
  • $500 – Olivia N. Johns
  • $250 – Chad A. Faverty
  • $200 – Katelynn Johns, Ronald G. Lincoln-Ewan, Justiss M. Hutchinson, Grace S. Wilson, Carl N. Pete, Clifton A. Tibbits III, Erika C. Empey and Victor T. Fleury.

2017 Online Voting Winners:

  • $200 – Ray R. Stickwan and Rebecca C. Hobson

2017 Door Prize Winners:

  • Charles Smelcer, Bradley F. Sinyon, Bruce Lord, Samantha L. Hatton-Johns, Ellen K. Gene, Genevieve John, Julie M. Leeper, Shawnee M. Frank, Sharon Soule, Josette R. Johns, Deborah A. Barlip, Vivian S. Vincent, Shalana L. George, Glenda Ewan, Fred J. Ewan, James M. Chudocken IV, Dean E. Barlip, John F. Ewan, Craig R. Peters, Lonnie E. Tyone, Joshua B. Neeley and Takoda E. Vermillion.

2017 Ahtna Region Flyover Winners:

  • Leo N. Ewan and Michelle L. Rickteroff

Live Streaming of the Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting was streamed live online again this year.  Shareholders can log in at ahtnavote.com within 10 days of the meeting using the Shareholder ID and PIN* located in your proxy packet. Once successfully logged in, you’ll see a message at the top of the page that says “Click here to access the live stream.” 

*If you lose your shareholder ID or PIN, please contact Kristin Phillips at Altman, Rogers & Co. immediately at (907) 274-2992.

For more information or if you have questions on any of the above, please contact Eileen Ewan, Shareholder Services Manager, at (907) 822-3476

*Photos of the Annual Meeting will be posted on Ahtna’s Facebook page