2018 45th Annual Meeting of Shareholders: Saturday, June 2 at Glennallen High School


2018 Board of Directors Selections (Winners):

  • Class A, At-Large: Dr. Genevieve John  (incumbent)
  • Class A, At-Large:  Margie N. Ewan
  • Class G, Kluti-Kaah: Lucille Lincoln (incumbent)
  • Class H, Mentasta: Franklin John (incumbent)
  • Class I, Gulkana: John L. Dye

*All newly elected directors will serve 3-year terms, which end at the 2021 Annual Meeting.

A big thank you to former board of directors: Roy J. Tansy, Sr.  (Seat A, At-Large ) for his dedication and service, and to Angela Vermillion  (Seat I, Gulkana) for her dedication and service.

2018 Recognition Awardees:

  • Recognition of the Year: “Late” Roy S. Ewan
  • Staff Retirement Recognition  –
    • Marilyn Joe, Ahtna, Incorporated Land Department
  • Ahtna, The People and Their History
    • Bill Simeone, Author of Ahtna Book
  • Recognition
    • Toa Finau, Janitor @ Glennallen School – thank you gift

2018 Early Bird Winners:

  • $1,000 – Michael B. Charley
  • $750 – Peter A. Tony
  • $500 – Nathaniel B. Goodlataw
  • $250 – Joshua L. George
  • $200 – Jolenda C. Johnny, Austin T. Anderson, Patrick R. Yarbrough III, Judah S. Ashenfelter, Elijah A. John, TreAnn J. Ewan, Elizabeth R. Orczewska and Jaysen R. Neeley.

2018 Online Voting Winners:

  • $200 – David J. Carrol, Mildred A. Thomas, Rachel K. Tucker, Amanda C. Pedro and Edna Charley.

2018 Door Prize Winners:

  • Cecil Sanford, Brian Herring, Lisa Yoshimoto, Donna Boston, Charlene Nollner, John E. Craig, Mike Johns, Laura Hobson, Julia McConkey, Naomi Jackson, Darren Billum, Linda Goodlataw, Jayna Jackson, Jerry Johnson, Martin Finnesand, Terrence Jordan, Virginia Pete, Robert Sequak, Linda Kline, Keshaw McConkey, Rebecca Hobson, Grant Rebne, Sophia Johns, Loretta Sanford and Adonijah Kellso.

2018 Ahtna Land Department Drawings for 2 Guided Klutina River Fishing Trip for 2:

  • Marlene Macy
  • Irving Jackson


Live Streaming of the Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting was streamed live online again this year.  Shareholders can log in at ahtnavote.com using the Shareholder ID and PIN* located in your proxy packet. Once successfully logged in, you’ll see a message at the top of the page that says “Click here to access the live stream.” 

*If you lose your shareholder ID or PIN, please contact Kristin Phillips at Altman, Rogers & Co. immediately at (907) 274-2992.

For more information or if you have questions on any of the above, please contact Eileen Ewan, Shareholder Services Manager, at (907) 822-3476

*Photos of the Annual Meeting will be posted on Ahtna’s Facebook page

2018 Annual Meeting