2019 46th Annual Meeting of Shareholders: Saturday, June 1


The Forty-Sixth Annual Meeting of Shareholders is scheduled for June 1, 2019.  The nomination period to be included on the Ahtna, Inc. Board-solicited proxy for this meeting is from January 1 through February 28, 2019.  Ahtna, Inc. will accept written nominations hand-delivered or postmarked to our Anchorage or Glennallen Offices on or before Thursday, February 28th by 4:00 pm.

Four (4) directors will be elected at the annual meeting.  The Directors whose terms will expire are as follows:

John E. Craig              Seat A: At-Large

Jason B. Hart             Seat A: At-Large

Karen L. Linnell           Seat D: Cheesh’na

Linda M. Pete             Seat F: Gakona


According to Ahtna, Inc. Bylaws, Article III – Board of Directors, Section 3.3.2 – Qualifications:

An individual must meet all of the following qualifications to serve as a Director:

(1)        All directors must be voting Shareholders of the Corporation and over the age of eighteen (18);

(2)        No person who is elected as a Director is eligible for employment, either as an employee or as an independent contractor, by the Corporation. If a person who is elected as a Director is employed by or contracts his or her personal services to the Corporation, that person shall resign his or her employment or terminate his or her personal services contract effective the date on which such person is elected. Directors may not be employed by or contract their personal services to any subsidiary wholly owned or majority controlled by the Corporation;

(3)        No person who has served as President of Ahtna, Inc., CEO of Ahtna Netiye’, Inc., or President or Manager of any company directly or indirectly owned more than 50% by Ahtna, Inc. at any time in the last year may be elected or serve as Director.

The Bylaws also provide at Article III – Board of Directors, Section 3.4 – Nominations:

Nominations of candidates for the Seats in each group of Directors shall be in writing, shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Corporation from the first day of January through the last day of February of each year in which the Seats in that class are up for election, and shall otherwise comply with the policies and procedures established by the Board.  Candidates may be nominated in one or more of the following ways:

(1)        Each Successor Village Organization as defined in the Articles of Merger filed for record on September 30, 1980, shall be entitled to nominate up to two (2) candidates for each At Large Seat that is up for election that year and one (1) candidate for any seat that is up for election that year by the Shareholders represented by the particular Successor Village Organization.

(2)        A group of ten (10) or more Shareholders may nominate one (1) candidate for each At Large Seat that is up for election that year.

(3)        The Board of Directors may nominate up to five (5) candidates for each At Large Seat that is up for election that year.

(4)        When an individual Seat as described in Section 3.3.3 above is up for election, any holder of voting Class shares shall for which that Seat represents shall be entitled to nominate one (1) candidate for that said Seat.  As an example, any holder of voting Class C shares shall be entitled to nominate one (1) candidate for Seat C, if Seat C is up for election that year.

A nomination form .


Please mail or hand-deliver the completed nomination form to either the Glennallen or Anchorage office.  Ahtna, Inc. will accept written nominations for the Board-solicited proxy until February 28, 2019 by 4:00 pm. The telephone numbers and addresses for the Offices are:


Ahtna, Inc.                                                       Ahtna, Inc.

Attn:  Eileen Ewan                                          Attn:  Eileen Ewan

PO Box 649                                                    110 W. 38th Ave, Suite 200

Glennallen, AK  99588-0649                          Anchorage, AK  99503

Telephone: (907) 822-3476                            Telephone: (907) 868-8250

Each nominee will be required to complete and return an extensive Candidate Questionnaire and Background Authorization Form by Friday, March 15, 2019 in order to be placed on the Board-solicited proxy. Ahtna will send out Candidate Questionnaires as soon as it can after a nomination is received.

The information collected by the Candidate Questionnaires will accompany the Board-solicited proxy mailed to each eligible shareholder prior to the Annual Meeting. If a Candidate Questionnaire is not fully completed and returned by the March 15, 2019 deadline, the candidate will not be included on the general ballot or proxy materials. If interested, the Candidate Questionnaire forms are available upon request to any shareholder.

In addition to the requirements described in the Bylaws, each Director will be subject to a lifetime criminal history background check.  In order to serve on some subsidiary boards, an additional intensive 10-year background check is required, including having a security investigator contact your friends and acquaintances as well as a credit history check.