Graduates to Be Recognized at the Annual Meeting

Published April 2018

Graduates to Be Recognized at the Annual Meeting – Get Your Gift Requests In


Shareholders receive a congratulatory gift for graduation of high school or college. Check out the form below and submit the request by May 18 so we can celebrate your achievements at the Annual Meeting on June 2.

Go to: Under Shareholder Forms, select Graduate Information Form. It’s a simple one-page document.
Please note that Graduate Gift Requests are managed under a separate program from Class L Stock and require their own submission of proof of graduation
Approved applicants will be officially recognized at the Annual Meeting; however, gifts will be tendered upon receipt of all necessary documents, at the discretion of management.


The gifts are as follows:
• High school Certificate of Attendance/Completion $150
• Diploma/GED $200
• Associate Degree $250
• Bachelor Degree $350
• Master Degree $500
• Doctorate Degree $750


Contact Carlene Pete at Shareholder Records for questions. Send the form and required documents via fax at
(907) 822-3495, by email at or by mail to:

Carlene Pete Graduation Form
PO Box 649
Glennallen, AK 99588