Fuel Stop Saves A Life At The Hub

Published April 2017

Anthony Giovanni saved a life because he had the right training.

An Ahtna Construction and Primary Products Corporation (AC&PPC) project team member, Giovanni pulled into the Hub in Glennallen to fuel up. He went inside to ask the clerk to turn on the fuel pump, when he saw an older man on the floor with people around him.

“I assumed he fell or fainted and went to the cash register to wait my turn,” Giovanni recounts. “The clerk was on the phone trying to get the paramedics. That’s when I knew the situation was worse.”

“Then his wife says he stopped breathing and asked if anyone knew CPR? Eight people in this building and nobody knew CPR. They all looked at me and asked if I knew. That’s when I told them to get out of my way and I got down and did what I was taught in training, and got him to stop turning blue and breath again. I had to do this twice because he stopped breathing on his own. I continued CPR until the State Troopers showed up and took over.”

The Trooper administered CPR until EMS arrived and transported the man to the Crossroad Medical Center. He was later sent to Anchorage for additional medical attention.

Hub Gas Station Cashier Wanda Bell credits Giovanni’s action in saving the stricken man’s life.

Jim Fowler, site supervisor for AC&PPC, summed up his reaction in a single word. “WOW!”

Giovanni says he just did what he was taught to do.

“If Ahtna had not given me the training, I would have been another person in that building without knowing how to do CPR. And for that I thank you for all the training you give us.”