Financial Update

Published August 2017

Consolidated Balance Sheet

The Consolidated Balance Sheet shows economic resources that we own (assets), what we owe (liabilities) and the stockholders’ ownership in the business (stockholders’ equity). The Consolidated Balance Sheet reflects a snapshot picture of our business at any given time.

Consolidated Statement of Operation

This statement shows our sales, expenses and profit from operations. It is a reflection of our business activity and gives an overview of how we are doing financially during a certain period of time.


1 Cost of Revenue – Costs incurred in providing services to customers.

2 Gross Profit – Revenue less cost of revenue.

3 Operating Expenses – Costs associated with running core operations on a daily basis, such as general and administrative payroll, insurance and professional services.

4 Net Income – Profit left after all expenses have been paid.

5 Cash and Cash Equivalents – Includes cash and other liquid investments that are convertible into cash within three months.

6 Marketable Securities – Investments in marketable securities, such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

7 Accounts Receivable – Money owed from customers to Ahtna from sales to customers.

8 Prepaid Expenses – Amounts already paid for future services or goods.

9 Oil and Gas Exploration Costs – The costs for exploring for oil and gas in the Ahtna region.

10 Property Plant and Equipment – The cost of property and equipment purchased by the company less depreciation or costs for using the equipment

11 Line of Credit – Shorter-term amounts borrowed from financial institutions or banks to conduct operations.

12 Accounts Payable – Amounts owned for purchases made by the company.

13 Accrued Expenses – Amounts that will be paid in the future for company activity that has taken place.

14 Billings in Excess of Costs and Estimated Earnings on Uncompleted Contracts – Amounts billed on contracts that are in excess of costs recognized to date on contracts.

15 Long Term Debt – Longer-term amounts borrowed from financial institutions or banks to conduct operations.

16 Total Stockholders’ Equity – Stockholder/owners ownership in the company and/or assets less liabilities.