Congratulations to our Ahtna graduates!

Published July 2016

High School Graduates

Amber Lenard, daughter of Arleen and Dean Lenard,
Glennallen High School

Brandon Nicholai, son of Ramona and Lee Nicholai,
Mentasta Katie John High School

Dwan Jordan, son of Tiffany Jordan,
Benny Benson High School

Gary Pitka, son of Lisa Wolf and Gary Pitka,
Glennallen High School

Jacob Phillips, son of Jennifer and Ralph Phillips,
Bartlett High School

Kiana Pete, daughter of Shanna Pete and Doug LeBlanc,
Glennallen High School

Matthew Jones, son of Anita and Jeremiah Jones,
Glennallen High School

Rene Ewan, daughter of Donna Ewan and the late Harding Ewan,
Glennallen High School

Roy Eskilida, son of Rose Marie Peters and Roy Eskilida Jr.,
Glennallen High School

Tristan Tibbits, son of Erica Nicklie and Clifton Tibbits II,
Glennallen High School

College Graduates

Alexander Anderson, son of Michelle and Patrick Anderson,
BA from University of Alaska Anchorage

Jessica Rock, daughter of Katherine and Clarence McConkey,
MBA from University of Alaska Anchorage

Joyell Acuna, daughter of Donna and Marco Acuna,
BS from University of Alaska Anchorage

Michon Johnson, daughter of Janelle and Robert Johnson,
Master from University of Michigan

Nathaniel Read, son of Carmel and Doug Read,
BS from Taylor University

Norma Johnson, daughter of Debbie Davis-Hoehne and Phillip Wilson Jr,
BS from University of Alaska Anchorage

Shandice Johnson, daughter of Katherine and Brad Beal,
BA from University of Utah

Zachariah Martin, son of Kathryn Martin and the late Karl Martin Jr.,
BA from University of Alaska Anchorage