Ahtna shareholders provide team atmosphere

Published January 2019

Shareholders Bjorn Beeter, Jericho Green and Darryl Deacon worked over the summer on Ahtna Construction and Primary Products Corporation’s (AC&PPC) Delta Clearwater Remediation Project, located in the Deltana area of Interior Alaska, approximately 15 miles southeast of the community of Delta Junction.

AC&PPC is working with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to restore the site to its original condition to prevent sediment from reaching the Clearwater River and Bog during high water levels. A recreation area built in the watershed caused increased erosion, muddying the Clearwater River during times of heavy melt or rain. The project also increased ATV and truck traffic on dikes, and officials worried of a liability issue should a vehicle fall through the eroded land. Because the project would take $50 million to properly complete, AC&PPC is working to return the area to its pre-project state.

“They are very talented and very motivated young men. I am so proud to be able to not only work with them, but also to share some of my knowledge with them this summer. I would really love to share that these young men were so eager to learn, listen and most of all, were team players,” said Dennis McKoon, AC&PPC project superintendent.

“All three of these guys were not only good hands but are very good people. I will be taking these men to another project with me this winter in Texas.”