Ahtna Government Services Corporation

Published April 2017

Contract Provides New Revenue Stream, Experience for More Work


In June 2013, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E) awarded Ahtna Government Services Corp. a five-year Master Service Agreement (MSA) for Best Management Practices (BMP) Installation and Post-Construction Site Restoration Services. In California, construction projects and industrial facilities require project owners to protect the immediate environment and waterways from sediment and harmful pollutants during active construction.

To date, Ahtna has supported more than 300 projects managed by PG&E’s gas transmission team to improve public safety by upgrading current gas-line infrastructures. Notable projects include the Valley Fire Restoration, which involved providing BMP support and restoration services during the 2015 California wildfire season, which burned over 70,000 acres in Lake County. Another notable project is the current Potrero Storm Water Treatment System project. Ahtna coordinated the design and managed the installation of a water treatment system for one of PG&E’s industrial facilities in San Francisco in collaboration with Terraphase Engineering. The design involved installation of an electrocoagulation equipment system to treat sediment-laden stormwater run-off and construction of site improvements.

Currently, the BMP program is in its fourth year, and according to AGSC Project Manager Archie Robasto, we intend to be an active bidder when the contract is up and win another seat as a reputable MSA holder, expand our current network of subcontractors and self-perform a larger share of the current workload. In addition, we plan to expand the program to other markets in land and housing development, general commercial construction and other large utility companies.

Revenue during the first year of the BMP program started at $315,000 and, by the end of 2016, total revenue grew to $2.3 million.