AFN President’s Awards

Published January 2019

Dr. Donna Galbreath

Health Award

This award recognizes an Alaska Native who has demonstrated strong commitment, competence and sensitivity in the health fields, whose accomplishments have improved health care for
Alaska Natives.

Ahtna shareholder Dr. Donna Galbreath is the daughter of Don and Molly (John) Galbreath, sister of Larry and Mike Galbreath, and mother of Tikaan and Kate Galbreath and Yatibaey Evans.
She has worked in Alaska for Tribal organizations since completing her medical training 27 years ago. She has focused her career on both providing health care and partnering with other Alaska Native people to improve the quality of and access to services.

Dr. Galbreath comes from a line of traditional healers and, as a primary-care provider, uses both traditional Ahtna healing knowledge and western medical knowledge in her practice. She also serves as the senior medical director of quality assurance for Southcentral Foundation, and presents nationally and internationally on quality assurance, corporate compliance and Southcentral Foundation’s relationship-based Nuka System of Care.


Frances Jackson

Eileen Panigeo MacLean Education Award

Named for the late State Legislator and elementary and bilingual teacher Eileen Panigeo MacLean, this award recognizes an Alaska Native who has demonstrated strong commitment, competence and sensitivity in the education field, and whose accomplishments have improved educational opportunities for Alaska Natives.

Ahtna shareholder Frances Jackson is from the Tsisyu Clan. Her parents are Nick and Lorraine Jackson. Her maternal grandparents are Hazel and the late Chief Ben Neeley of Gulkana. Her paternal grandparents are the late Tony and Mary Jackson of Kluti-Kaah.

Jackson has spent the last 17 years teaching. She taught at June Nelson Elementary in Kotzebue for four years and at the Glennallen School for the last 13 years. Today, she serves as the principal of Glennallen School.
She is the first local Alaska Native to graduate from Glennallen School and later return to serve as a teacher and then principal.

Jackson is an elected member of the Gulkana Village Council. She has also served on the Haskell Indian Nations University Board of Regents. She was brought up living a subsistence lifestyle with Christian values. She imparts these values in her daily life. She enjoys fishing, hunting and cutting wood – and being a foster mother and “auntie” to many. Her house has always been open for children.

Whether it’s for a few days or a few years, the Jackson home is a safe place to be for those who just need a little “auntie” time and for those who are in need. Some of the children she watches over are still in school, while others have graduated. Even though they grow up, she never stops mentoring them.

Her prayer is that she will inspire children to be lifelong learners and to become educators.