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Ahtna region

*Congratulations to Justin Fulkerson, winner of the 2014 Ahtna, Inc. Permit Survey Drawings, and to Wilbur Joe and Brenda Tyone, winners of the 2014 Ahtna Lands Flyover*


Ahtna's lands are private lands and are open to entry by permit only. Use of Ahtna lands without a permit is considered trespass. Trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Some activities are not allowed or may be restricted on certain tracts of land.

A permit fee is required for public and commercial activities. Permit fees are normally waived for research activities that provide benefit to Ahtna, Inc. and its member villages.

*Permits are issued on a yearly (January through December) basis.

Apply for a permit online:

Click here:

*You may also send an email to the Land Department office with your personal information, land tract and area, and the dates you want to go. Please allow a minimum of 14 days for a response.

Customer survey:

If you have already purchased a land use permit, please take a moment to complete our quick and simple customer survey:

Click here: Ahtna Land Permit Survey

Approval of Permits

Ahtna reserves the right to withhold approval of any permit request.

Ahtna also reserves the right to end all permitting of predator control/hunting within Ahtna lands at any time, should large prey/predator ratios reach sustainable numbers. This determination will be made prior to issuing annual predator control/hunting permits.

Ahtna lands are private lands. As such, Ahtna lands are subject to the jurisdiction of the State of Alaska; therefore, all hunting activity must be conducted in accordance with State wildlife, hunting and fishing regulations. It is your responsibility to ensure you are in compliance with State laws and regulations while performing such activity on Ahtna land.

Ahtna will continue to work closely with the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game to ensure responsible fish and game management practices within Ahtna land.

Types of Permits

Non-shareholder Permits


This allows parking on Ahtna lands and crossing of Ahtna lands. The cost is $15 per day. Seasonal permits are $75 annually. Family seasonal permits are $100 annually.

Please note: This permit allows for berry picking in the Cantwell area only. There is no berry picking permitted for non-shareholders in the Copper River Basin.


This allows camping, crossing and parking on Ahtna lands. The cost is $25 per night. Seasonal camping permits are $150.


Gravel is sold by the cubic yard. The cost of gravel in the Copper River Basin is $3.00 per cubic yard. The cost of gravel in Cantwell is $3.55 per cubic yard.

Predator Control

This permit allows for the hunting of wolves, coyotes, brown and black bears on Ahtna lands. The cost is $100 annually. Predator hunting is not allowed during moose season. There is no cost for state certified aerial predator control.

Predator Trapping

This permit is issued on a case by case basis. Please contact Ahtna staff directly.

Bison Hunting

If you are the lucky winner of the DI-454 bison hunt lottery, this permit allows hunting of bison on Ahtna land. The permit allows four people to accompany the hunt. Ahtna provides the use of a cabin located at the confluence of the Copper and Cheshnina Rivers. Cabin usage is first come first serve. The permit is good from September to March. The price is $1500.

Commercial Use/Fishing Permits

If for commercial use, fishing permits on the Klutina and Gulkana Rivers require a $1000 initial fee and an additional $2.50 per head.

Commercial Use/Diamond Willow

This permit allows for commercial use of diamond willow. The price is $300.

Shareholder Permits

Ahtna offers several permits at no charge to shareholders and shareholder affiliated persons. These permits are for:

20 cords per year

House Logs
100 logs per year

100 cubic yards per year

Personal Use of Diamond Willow

Hunting & Trapping

There are separate charges for shareholders who intend for commercial use:

Commercial Use of Firewood
Per 10 cords - $100

Commercial Use of Diamond Willow

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact:

Heide Lingenfelter, Land & Resource Specialist
Ahtna, Inc.
P.O. Box 649
Glennallen, AK 99588
Phone: (907) 822-3476
Fax: (907) 822-3495


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